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Returning Nationals

Concession Procedures for Returning Nationals

The Returning Nationals or “Welcome Home Programme”, as it is officially called, is an incentive package for Grenadian nationals who are returning from living abroad to permanently reside in Grenada.

The package involves the establishment of a ‘one-stop’ Returning Nationals Facilitation Bureau at the Ministry of Finance. This means that the Customs Division and Immigration Department will no longer process applications for returning nationals.

  • What are the Benefits?

    • “One –stop” facilitation bureau for processing applications
    • 50% concession on a vehicle with an Environmental Levy (EVL) 2% of CIF for new vehicles and up to 4 years old. 
    • $75,000.00 allowance on household and personal effects.
  • Effective June 1, 2017 Concessions will not be considered on vehicles 5 years and older

    A 6% Customs Service Charge is applicable on all imports under this programme

    The exemption will be valid for three (3) years. If the vehicle is sold before three (3) years, the duties and taxes will be payable on the unexpired term of the exemption. 

    Returning Nationals can purchase vehicles locally if so desired.

  • Who is Eligible? 
    Grenadian nationals who have been residing abroad continuously for (7) seven years and have decided to return to Grenada on a permanent basis.

    Proof of Eligibility:

    • Valid passport
    • Proof of nationality – (passport, birth certificate, etc.)
    • One-way ticket to Grenada
    • Retirement letter from the last place worked
    • Pension letter
  • How the Process Works: 
    Contact Returning Nationals Facilitation Bureau (Concession Desk) at the Ministry of Finance to make an appointment +1 (473) 440-2731.

    Attend appointment with:

    • Relevant proof of eligibility – as specified above
    • Packing list of all items shipped (to be shipped) to Grenada.
    • The value of the items must be included.
    • Information on the vehicle if necessary.
    • Once all requirements are satisfied, collect letter and proceed to Customs to clear personal belongings.
    • Claims for concession must be done three (3) months before or after returning to Grenada.
  • Location: 
    The Bureau in located on the top floor of Building 3 of the Financial Complex (on the Carenage).
    Telephone Number: +1 (473) 440-2731 
    Fax Number: +1 (473) 440-4115

  • Household & Personal Effects
    Personal and household effects (new or used) include personal items of clothing, toiletries, furniture, household equipment and appliances and tools of trade that are necessary to re-establish a home in Grenada. It excludes motor vehicles, building materials, foodstuff and liquor. Personal and household effects may be imported by qualifying Returning Residents free of CET, VAT and CSC. A complete and quantified Customs Declaration of the items on which concessions are requested should be presented to the Returning Nationals Facilitation Bureau at the Ministry of Finance, upon arrival.

  • Clearance of Household and Personal Effects
    Upon receipt of a letter of concession from the Returning Nationals Facilitation Bureau at the Ministry of Finance, the returning resident will be required to have a Customs Declaration prepared by a Broker. The Declaration must indicate all the items he/she has imported into Grenada including the quantity and value of each item as far as possible.

  • Time Frame for the Importation of Belongings
    Household and personal effects or a vehicle can be shipped in advance of arrival but they should arrive ideally, no more than three (3) months before permanent return/relocation to Grenada. They will remain in the custody of the Grenada Ports Authority. Port storage dues will be charged and are the responsibility of the “Returnee”. Items may be cleared by a representative/proxy of the “Returnee” after an amount is deposited with the Comptroller of Customs to cover the applicable duties.

    This deposit can be recovered upon the applicant’s arrival in Grenada, after the processing of a Customs Declaration.

  • If all belongings are not shipped in one consignment, the remainder can be brought in duty free (from the country where the “Returnee” resided) within three (3) months after the date of arrival in Grenada. Duty/Taxes will be payable on imported items in excess of the $75,000.00 allowed value.

  • Extensions
    An extension may be granted in extenuating circumstances by application to the Comptroller of Customs, within three (3) months of the “Returnees” arrival in Grenada. The applicant therefore ought to ensure that all items intended to be imported are indicated to the Customs Officer in the initial interview as these are the only ones that will be considered for an extension.

  • Vehicles
    A vehicle can be either imported or purchased locally from an authorized motor vehicle dealer. Qualifying returning residents are allowed to import one motor vehicle (new or used). The vehicle must be imported from the country where the applicant resided continuously for the past 7 years immediately before returning to Grenada. Note that Customs Service Charge of 6% must be paid. Additionally, an Environmental Levy is applicable, (new or used). If a vehicle is purchased locally, it must be done through an authorized motor vehicle dealer within three (3) months of the “Returnees” arrival in Grenada.

  • The following conditions shall apply:

    • The vehicle shall not be sold, given away, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of within a period of three (3) years without the payment of the applicable duties;
    • The vehicle may be sold after three (3) years without the payment of customs duties (Residual Duties).
    • The Comptroller of Customs must be informed of the custody of the vehicle if the “Returnee” leaves Grenada for a period of less than six (6) months;
    • Where the “Returnee” leaves Grenada for a continuous period of over six (6) months, except for special circumstances as determined by the Comptroller of Customs, all applicable duties will be immediately paid in full.
    • If any term of the agreement is violated, the Comptroller reserves the right to seize the said vehicle as being liable to forfeiture pending payment of the applicable duties in full.

NB: Persons can claim only ONCE under this programme.


Telephone Number: (473) 440-2731      Fax Number: (473) 440-4415

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